Friday, July 16, 2010

First passed the post.

I used to write. A lot.

I used to write weekly in a professional reflection journal, to note my attachment (or not) to patients, to see my knowledge and clinical professionalism grow (hopefully).

Before that I wrote weekly in a blog, for personal reasons.
Reflection on my own growth in life and progression through experience as a young woman still in the education system.

Before that it was a series of ratty journals, tucked under an unsteady stack of novels by my bed.
A passionate out pouring of current love, struggles with mood, changes in my life, the emotional lability of my age, and the evolution of my network of friends- and ‘frenemies.”

I haven’t written properly in about 5 years.

When did I get so good at this living thing that I no longer needed to reflect and remember the failures so as not to repeat myself?
I have been enjoying reading my friends’ blogs revolving around their worlds and also politics and life relating to their beliefs.

So thanks, Julie at the Hand Mirror, you are an inspiration for introspection and constant improvement of one’s self.

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  1. Aw thanks Scuba, it's great to be reading your writing :-)


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