Tuesday, August 31, 2010

NZ Home Safety Week. Cause for alarm or laughter?

Thanks to ACC a handy reminder that it is Home Safety Week.

I had to have a bit of a laugh at the web-site, whoever was in charge of editing clearly didn’t aim it at those already at home.
In the “Families” section these were the suggestions…

Encourage Safety At Home
There are plenty of things an organisation can do to motivate your colleagues and customers to take an interest in safety at home. Here's a few:
• Make home safety an agenda item for team meetings
• Put a poster on your message boards
• Put a home safety message on your staff payslips each month/week
• If you buy your employees a Christmas present make it home safety item such
as a non-slip bath mat or fire extinguisher

I would love it if I got paid to be my own cleaner.
On the other hand, I would NOT love a non-slip mat for my Christmas present, so perhaps this should go in the “businesses” section

On re-reading I realized the advice was so workers would GO HOME and sort things out.
But why not just have clear advice and ideas for people who already work at home, as a home office or as parents?

By the way – pay slips is two words, not one.

On the upside, there is a lot of great info, and it is all relevant and important.
People would do well to worry less about sharks and flying and more about ladders, uneven carpets, and watching the stove while cooking.

If you have kids who like clicking the computer mouse the “Danger Rangers” Game is very cute and quite engaging. Turn the sound down for your own sanity though!

For your Home Safety Entertainment I present (drum roll please)


Top tips to avoid falls and alcohol injuries at home

1. Wet bathroom floors are slippery, so use the bathroom mat to wipe up by skating around on it on one foot yelling Weeeeee… as you do it.

2. Ladders can tip easily, so make someone you are not that attached to do the high up stuff (mother in law perhaps?)

3. Polished floors can be like ice rinks, so make the most of it.

4. Stairs you can’t see can be dangerous.Open eyes while having sex on them

5. Chairs are for sitting on, not standing on. If you need to reach up high, use a mother in law.

6. Cords can become tripwires, so use them to set up ambushes for possible burglars or unwanted guests.

7. Glass doors and windows are hard to see, so clean them well, grab a beer and a comfortable seat, and enjoy watching girl guide biscuit sellers, Mormons, and insurance sales people hit them at speed.

8. Nothing ruins a party like an injured mate, so provide a room to put them in, so people don’t have to watch them bleed or complain.

9. Don’t let your guests get smashed and injure themselves – get them drunk enough that they roll easily if they fall.

10. An addition of my own. Don’t over-fill the bath with toys, choose just one favorite, such as the toaster, and keep the bath free of clutter.

PS I’ve done this to highlight home safety, and have a bit of a laugh, not to be mean to the ACC people. Enjoy the humor and for real advice visit the real site!!

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  1. Hahahaha number four is my favourite. Thanks for the laugh!


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