Sunday, June 19, 2011

Winter solstice and my SAD

I get seasonal effective disorder, so at this time of the year just putting my pants on and giving a fuck what I look like enough to walk out the door is a challenge.

But I am fighting.
I am railing against my hibernation instincts, the urge to be cranky, to push everyone away, to make rash decisions. To run like a dog and hide under the porch until everything leaves me alone. I am exersizing, even though the joy is gone, just for the endorphins.
I am working hard to ensure I can keep getting up, because it only takes one day to start the spiral.

It is winter solstice next week which is always my symbol that the sun is coming.
And this will get easier.
Makeup will be fun.
Bed will be an afterthought at the end of a day, not the wishful dream of an entire week.
Work will feel challenging not confronting.
I won’t want to lash out at anyone who doesn’t love me unconditionally.
I will invite you over, because my floor will be clean, there will be food in the fridge and I will be ok.

In the meantime, I will come to your place, you cannot come to mine.
I will listen more than I contribute.
I will lurk on the internet with fuck all contribution of value.
I will avoid triggers when I would normally push through.
I will force myself to keep this job, even though it gives me chest pains and I would rather bar-tend.

But my pants are on and I am present.
And that my friends, is a fucking victory.


  1. Good luck buddy. Here in Sacramento we are emerging from the longest darkest coldest winter ever ever. It was particularly difficult for me. Usually after the sun comes out for a week or so then I feel better; not this time. As of now, I'm seeking meds. the SAD turned into full fledged depression. Good luck buddy.


  2. I'm so feeling you on this one. I know exactly what that's like and I don't think people take SAD seriously. Which sucks. Maybe because it's such a crap acronym? I find it so hard to function when it even starts to get cold. Reading this is like I wrote it myself. Thanks for posting.


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