Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Life is one big scrapbook.

Righto, you may have noticed Ive been missing for a while.
No apologies, no explanation.
I hope you enjoyed the peace while it lasted!

I have had a fair bit of time on my hands recently, due to resigning my job and refusing to do any work until my headspace is better.
So I’ve been cleaning, cooking, catching up with friends, and doing stuff I’ve wanted to do in ages like go to the library, and catch up on organising my photos into scrapbooks.
The man pointed out the other night that there is a sort of irony that scrapbooking is considered a “girly” hobby.
Because “girly girls” are supposed to love pony’s…
And scrapbooking uses a SHITLOAD of glue.

…You do the math.

Just another reason for me to love scrapbooking as far as I’m concerned.

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