Thursday, May 24, 2012


Hey Bank!* 
You just offered to increase my ability to borrow money by $15,000 dollars.
That’s more than I can repay. But you know that.
What you don’t know is that my partner and I recently separated, I’ve been diagnosed with an illness that will be costing me money, and my job at the time you offered me a card was not a stable one.
Why don’t you know? Because you never asked.
Why would a professional banking institution offer to loan money without checking if it can be paid back? Why would you send me ANOTHER credit card in the mail, if you don’t know what my income will be next week - it quite clearly changes in my bank statements.
The only logical reason I can think of is because you do better if I can’t pay it off. You get more money in the end by ruining my reputation and financial future.
I’m smart enough to know this, smart enough to cut up the cards, and refuse the increases.
I’m sure there are plenty of people trusting enough to think that a bank wouldn’t offer something out of their league.
I wonder if they are looking for a mortgage lender…
Because I am. And as far as I’m concerned, offering me something I can’t pay back, on terms that are not properly discussed, with a client you haven’t met… Well if it isn’t unprofessional or deliberately shitty, then it’s terribly stupid.
None of these things will result in you being the people who handle my home loan, when I decide I am ready for one.
So bank… quit being a douche. I’m on to you.

*to the tune of 'hey cow'.

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