Sunday, November 21, 2010

Just when you think you are having a bad day...

I went out to my car this morning to run some errands.
Bag on back, spring in step, head in clouds.
And, I should mention, car in secure underground car park.
As I walked past the back of my car I noticed that the back window was broken.
The actual words out of my mouth were not "gee whiz!" But for the sake of delicate beliefs, we will go with that.
I spent my morning explaining to insurance, glass repairmen and the police (I reported it in the case I had a known burglar as a neighbour seeing as it was INSIDE at the time of break in) what had happened.
A frustrating waste of time and hurtful that the person who broke in could be someone I say hi to each day. The stupid side of it is that the only thing they got was my GPS unit, and the window repair costs similar amounts.

The police see a higher number of domestic violence around Christmas time due to higher stress levels. This is well publicised in our media at this time of year.
What is less well publicised is the increased numbers of break ins and theft.
Especially theft targeting things like electronics and toys.
This is essentially stealing to order. Usually this is for someone who wants to on sell, and has a buyer requesting certain items.

At Christmas it is sometimes a little different.
To order in late November or December means there is someone at home who is dreaming of a Christmas that can’t be afforded.
People are stealing things to give as gifts.

I sincerely hope my GPS unit has been stolen to be given to someone who
A) Will use it every day like I do.
B) Doesn’t know it is stolen and genuinely loves it.

I also hope they wonder why it came without a power cord! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Ok, so I’m not a Saint, and I’m still pissed off about it.

To help put things in perspective for me, in the news tonight among my loved ones; my friend in her early 20s needed CPR after collapsing on Saturday night and my other, equally young friend has been admitted to hospital for the 3rd time in the last few months due to unexplained illness.

Fuck it,
It’s just a window, I shall continue on, spring in step, head in clouds.


  1. Great post, Scuba Nurse. I feel alternately frustrated and 'shrug it off' along with you. Yes, it's a real piss, but there are worse things, but it's still a real piss, but the sun is shining, and there are people in much greater need...

    I hope your friends recover.

  2. I read your comment on the "birthornot" site. I agree with you that the site is most likely a hoax with very poor taste on the pro-life side of the debate.

    You made the familiar argument about pro-life advocates making pregnant women who have been raped, are children, or are going to die in childbirth have the baby anyway. Do you have any idea what a small percentage of abortions are used for those purposes? TINY percentage.

    Most abortions are young women who just don't want the baby. I feel for them, but I just don't see where you can extinguish a life just for birth control.

    Would you agree to change the law to ONLY allow for the raped, children, endangered women, and any other rare case like that? Do you know how many million human beings would be walking the streets if we only allowed your argued women to have abortions?

    If you would not go for this, then stop using the argument, because it does not represent your view that women should be allowed to stop the beating heart of any baby in the womb for whatever reason they choose.


  3. Your young friend is fortunate to be alive. I recall hearing that only 30% of those given CPR survive.

  4. My car got broken into a heap of times when I was in Auckland. Super frustrating - because there was never anything to take. But I could afford insurance so I at least had that. I hate the pressure Christmas puts on people. It shouldn't be about that.

    Oh well - at least we get to meet up on Wednesday!

  5. I had the same thing when I was pickpocketed at Auschwitz of all places. If losing my wallet and begging for change to get back into town is the worst thing that could happen to me there than I was doing far better than the millions of others who passed through the gates.


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