Wednesday, November 17, 2010

#thingswomendontdoanymore. Or why twitter makes me want to kill.

A bunch of other writers and I had no small measure of frustration this afternoon when we realised there was a hash tag on twitter called #stuffwomendont doanymore.
It was an exercise in frustration; please check out the drivel we got to see below, if you ever question if feminism is still needed your answer is there.
Eventually I had to stop the steam coming out my ears and the hurt I felt for the women who are stuck with assholes who write this stuff.
I had to remind myself of the saying I use when getting wound up about other people’s opinions...
“Does their opinion MATTER to ME?”
The short answer was NO.
The long answer was that as long as they are people who are teaching their Sons and Daughters that they have “their Place” in the world and should stay in it, or they are subjecting their partners to these narrow minded archaic values then YES.
Very much yes.
Because although one idiot in Middle America doesn’t personally impact on me, they do impact on the community around them.
That is why I implore you to quietly point out when someone is out of date, out of a safe place, or just plain old out of line.
Below the “negative section” there is a “positive section”.
Cudos to the Women (and men) who got on there and tried to turn it to a more positive note.
And thanks to the Men in my life who said “yes you can, you will and we will get out of your way while you do!!”
I love you all.

The Negatives...

@GimmyKisses: #thingswomendontdoanymore: Stay at home cookin & cleanin. Guys be forced to do it sometimes.

@ike3467: #thingswomendontdoanymore buy condoms

@RKingPan: RT @Jay_2_da_Shep: #thingswomendontdoanymore cook n clean without being asked

@Futuristic24: #thingswomendontdoanymore use their mind

@MKBabyyy: RT @DrChokolate: #ThingsWomenDontDoAnymore know how to cook. They only kno how to make noodles and hot pockets now :(

@theoneeupper: RT @BrainsEatBeauty: #ThingsWomenDontDoAnymore ➜ Value our bodies. Stop treating yourselves like a public water fountain & letting everyone take a sip.


@MissCeeBitches: #ThingsWomenDontDoAnymore Wear Jersey dresses ..... It's gonna be a great season for the Lakers #TeamLakers

@corleone843: be domestic, keep a good man, and not complain so much #thingswomendontdoanymore

@ayosGalore: #thingswomendontdoanymore chase guys. its the 21th century #cantbedoingthat

@ftwprez: #thingswomendontdoanymore give a fuck

@LadiSandraMaria: RT @SofysS: #thingswomendontdoanymore: love guys xD!

@vivalaria: RT @BrainsEatBeauty: #ThingsWomenDontDoAnymore ➜ Value our bodies. Stop treating yourselves like a public water fountain & letting everyone take a sip.

@Nonyizie: #thingswomendontdoanymore fall for cheap male tricks.... so sad...

@kwhitfield5: #thingswomendontdoanymore be honest.

@Fab44Me: RT @Fab44Me: #thingswomendontdoanymore Have respect for those of us who stay home to raise our kids and care for our men. Haters.

@JordanIgth: #thingswomendontdoanymore WEAR THERE OWN HAIR.

@HigherGreen: #ThingsWomenDontDoAnymore - cook dinner for they man because they too busy being LAME by watching BGC

Paramore_Rocks #thingswomendontdoanymore be more days girls are showing too much skin. What happened girls?

Other than the obviously bad spelling, grammer and thought behind the comments, how freaking scary was that???

The Positives.

phased_bemused Get legally raped within marriage, since 1991

LadyNewsNZ have to listen to rules about what women should and shouldn't do

BiscuitCIB have to listen to arbitrary and outdated ideals of femininity, gender performance, sexuality and bodily autonomy

@YoFace_MyLap: Why would we?
In response to...
RT @cassius_cash: #thingswomendontdoanymore allow a nigga to experience a ike and tina relationship wit em

@radioactivejen: make men sandwiches because we discovered it's degrading. That is, unless we REEEEEEALLY like them.

@Jay_Says_: The #thingswomendontdoanymore are mainly because of the #thingsmendontdoanymore...

@iStreetLight: #thingswomendontdoanymore: Wouldn't it be rather sexist/patriarchal of me to include ALL women into such a narrow group?

@PickledBananas4 The #thingswomendontdoanymore trend on twitter is about 95% misogynist whining and 5% interesting.

@scuba_nurse #thingswomendontdoanymore put up with BS expectations of what women 'should' do. Instead living fullfilling livesof their own.


  1. This is precisely why I don't tend to look at things like that when they are trending.

    Unless I post "this tag sucks #awfulthinghere"

  2. So, are you saying that women DO cook enough? :)

  3. Feminism is completely outdated and unneeded anymore. I am strong enough to laugh at the comments about women making sandwiches. I have more education then my husband, but I am the homemaker BY CHOICE. If these comments hurt your little feelings then it is your problem not the person who wrote them. Have a nice life always getting your feelings hurt.

  4. Thanks for your comment Gen, I hope you appreciate the CHOICE you so pointedly mentioned. You have it because of feminism, and just Because YOU have freedom and choice doesn't mean everyone does. Push off the boat ladies, Gen's aboard!!
    I find it interesting that you are so keen to judge my frustration on some really horrific comments becaus you are a stay at home mum. Where in that did I slag of those who are happy to do work at home?
    Thanks for judging me though, and I will take you point on board not to get annoyed by the ignorant.
    Oops, too late.

  5. I said that feminism is no longer needed, not that it was never needed. We did need the feminists to help us get equal pay and equal rights. I am very grateful for the hard and difficult work women did to give me what I have today.
    I feel that in today's world feminism has turn to whining about insults and no longer helps women. If women want to be equal with men we have to put up with the same shit that they deal out to each other. It is pure arrogance to expect someone to "respect my feelings" just because I don't have tackle swinging between my legs. Let them make jokes about women, we have just as many about them. You don't hear the men whining about how unfair it is when we make references to them being dumb and unrefined. People will always make jokes about someone different, it is human nature, some people just need to develop their sense of humor.
    How can you be horrified about some ass making a joke about women in the kitchen. If you need to be horrified about something it should be the female circumcision the some poor 5 year old is going through right this second. Maybe you should write a blog about that.

  6. Thanks for checking back in and responding, it is pretty unusual and appreciated. Usually people just drop by, judge, and don’t bother reading the reply.
    I struggled to respond in the space provided in the comments section, so head over to to check out my response.
    As for the request that I write about something YOU deem important and controversial...
    I’ve written about all sorts, from my transparent dance tights, to stoning women, but I will NEVER write about the abuse of children just for your entertainment.
    I refrained from putting this in the post with your name on it to save you some embarrassment.


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