Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Auckland Slutwalk - thanks!

I am in a bit late to weigh in, but wanted to post these and say thanks to all those who were there.

Thanks to the women in fishnets and great jokes.

Thanks to Julie and her kids for offering a great distraction from tension just when I needed it.

Thanks to those who came and said ‘Hi’.

Thanks to my man who stood by me and held placcards, and babies, and my hand. You were afraid you would not be welcome, and your presence there meant so much to me.

Thanks to the police who escorted us with a smile and were patient when the short legs and complicated stroller had us lagging behind.

Thanks to the strangers who took the time to ask why we were marching, and then joined us.

Thanks to those who stood and stared and made nasty comments on twitter – opps no, sorry that was just one asshole who works in NZ radio. Forget him, he isn’t worth the time.

And because I don’t want to end on a negative, thanks to EVERYONE who showed up, you are brave, and awesome, and stood for something, and meant everything to me and to everyone else who showed up afraid they would be standing alone.
Enjoy the piccys.

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  1. What? she wants it when she asks for it? I always thought she wanted change or directions.


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