Friday, March 4, 2011

Galileo could kick Ken Ring's Ring.

Before I start please let me clarify. I’m not angry at Ken Ring, and I’m certainly not angry at John Campbell.
I’m angry at you, yes YOU.
The people who commented on the various blog posts and media articles about how badly Ring was treated by Campbell.
Because in the process of commenting you have said:

“Anyone who judges Ring without proper research of his methodology is coming from a place of ignorance and fear.”

“Galileo was considered a crackpot in his time too.
I personally would like to see a scientists peer reviewed proof that this dude is a nut. Until then, I will accept him as an outsider with some interesting ideas that appear at first glance to be reasonably accurate.
Just because he has no qualifications, or is not in a scientific society, or is not respected by other scientists means nothing to me. Neither are the global warming groups.”

“Just because he has the balls to give dates doesn't make him evil. It makes many, like you & John Campbell, incredibly freaked out, and in knee jerk reaction, aggressive”

And you called doubters “conservative”.


People used to believe the earth was flat, and that the universe revolved around it.
Others tried to prove it was round, and that we revolve around the sun.

Yes, it took time, and yes they were ridiculed, threatened, denounced to the roman inquisition (in the case of Galileo) and killed (Giordano Bruno).
Poor Ken Ring had to cope with John Campbell talking over him and ridiculing him in public. He can publish books, have an open website using his real name, and people PAY for his opinions.
I’m pretty sure I get more hate mail for my feminist opinions and pro-choice stance than he gets for his weather 'reports'.

Don’t you think it is a bit insulting to compare what these brilliant minds went through to bring their theories to the public eye with Ken Ring’s ‘plight’?

The concept the earth was flat was a Belief.
The theorem that the earth was round was a scientific theory, proved by many different people with different scientific types – physics, astronomy, natural sciences, etc.

In contrast, what we are comparing here is current SCIENCE (not belief) vs. Ken Ring’s OPINIONS.

It makes me really frustrated when people compare a renowned physicist, philosopher, mathematician, astronomer (Galileo Gelilei) to Ken Ring.
Ken RING??? A guy who published a book in 1998 on how to read cats paws.
A man who, in his own words, sells opinions...

"I don't claim to be able to forecast the weather. That is your claim on what I do, again your interpretation. I claim to have an opinion on what might happen, that is all... I sell opinions."

"My business is only a bunch of opinions as I have wearily repeated. There is no claim on accuracy; proof or anything other than that I have opinions."

"I don't claim to predict the weather. No one can. We are not gods. Nobody has all the answers. In my books it states on paragraph one on page one that what I say is opinion."

For a fantastic link to a full debunking of Ken Ring please head HERE.
They have done a lovely job of comparing his almanac to actual weather patterns and disasters.

And some graphs of earthquakes vs stages and distance of the moon from Sciblogs.

I will not waste my time by further pointing out the irrelevance of his predictions/opinions.
But for your information I will include here his much talked about prediction on Valentine’s day 2011.

Over the next 10 days a 7+ earthquake somewhere is very likely. This could also be a time for auroras in the northern hemisphere and in the southern tip of NZ. It may also be a time for whale strandings because of increases in underwater earthquakes. The 7+ is sure to be somewhere in the "Ring of Fire", where 80% of all major earthquakes seem to occur, and NZ is at the lower left of this Ring. The range of risk may be within 500kms of the Alpine Fault.

Firstly, there were no 7+ quakes in that time frame, and if we include the 6+ quakes he has got a bloody good chance of being correct because there are about 4 of them every ten days according to geonet.
Secondly.... An earthquake on the ring of fire. Gosh that WOULD be a surprise. It was hardly a brave prediction.
And finally 500km near the alpine fault is the entire South Island and a fair bit of the North.

What a Muppet.

How can people compare his dodging, weaving, changing of stories, disclaimers of “opinion” and other such drivel with the level genius of past scientists who were harassed because of their research?

I’m gutted, I really am.


  1. Obviously all of this would not bother you so much if Ken Ring were not successfully forecasting the weather and seismic events using astrological principles.

    But it does BOTHER you, doesn't it?

    I say, 'You doth protest too much.'

    Get your head into the 21st century and out of the dark ages.

  2. As I said to my partner... I can handle scientific theory without seeing the final evidence (yet) if the science is sound.
    OR I can find reason for further research if there are unexplained trends or traceable tangible results.
    Mr Ring's opinions fall into neither category.
    What bothers me is that people are taking him seriously and he is getting money, and media for this drivel.
    What's your reason for defending him?
    And please use a name to avoid confusion.


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