Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fuck You Earthquake.

Fuck You Earthquake; Mums are still making cups of tea, just on the Barbie.

Fuck You Earthquake; civil defence has been waiting for you.

Fuck You Earthquake; donations and support are pouring in from around the world.

Fuck You Earthquake; people are helping their neighbours who would otherwise be alone.

Fuck You Earthquake; our army is here to help, along with international support.

Fuck You Earthquake; you can’t shake us more times than we can get back up.

Fuck You Earthquake; our medical personnel are top shelf, and prepared for you.

Fuck You Earthquake; the sunset was still beautiful, as will be every sunset from here on.

Fuck You Earthquake; my friend is bruised and scared, but her bottle cabinet is intact!

Fuck You Earthquake; your aftershocks are not as strong as the hands clasped together in support.

Fuck You Earthquake; Bear Grylls is in the south island and would LOVE another excuse to drink his own urine.

Fuck you Earthquake; people are donating blood faster than you can spill it.

Fuck you Earthquake; we have houses in other areas and people who would love to help.

Fuck You Earthquake; New Zealanders are GREAT at making something out of nothing.

Fuck You Earthquake; we will grieve our lost, but no one will ever miss you.

Fuck you Earthquake; we go camping with no electricity for a HOLIDAY – bring it.

Fuck You Earthquake; tonight will be the darkest but tomorrow will get better.

I am not in Christchurch, but I just wanted to say to those that are; the whole country is behind you.
We are here for resources, accommodation, emotional support, blood, love, and financial donations.
So fuck you earthquake, quit picking on Christchurch, because the whole country is behind them.



  1. Do we sing it to the tune of CeeLo? ty scoobs.

  2. you guys rock. I dont normally swear on here (like a trooper in the real world) but this time it was needed.

  3. David Grice aka GraveyFebruary 23, 2011 at 4:19 PM

    Thanks Scube. So very well said, as always.

    MY love and biggest of big hugs to you all in Christchurch - and those affected further afield.


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