Monday, April 18, 2011

When I grow up...

Before I start, I am very lucky to live in a place that I don’t stress about the rent.
I've worked really hard and have oodles of luck to get to where I am and I own that privilege.
I am a feminist who blogs, and that is only one part of me, so don’t bother telling me to get back to doing my "real" writing, this is me too.
Sorry to start on a negative note, but with the followers come the judgers. Bless 'em.

At present our house needs very little attention. By choice I have a herb “garden” in inside pots and an assortment of year round plants on our wee balcony.
Other than that, our laundry is in a cupboard, and the biggest sink is the kitchen one.
We have about 60cm of bench space and the oven doesn’t get hot enough to bake with (great for slow cooking meat and grilling though).
There is so little kitchen space we just never bothered buying a toaster and we only have one drawer for utensils, so new stuff isn’t really bothered with.
It has taken me a while to settle in to appartment living, but it fits our lifestyle perfectly.
I am often away for work a couple of days a week, my partner works Mon-weds out of our home city and we like to go away for when we can.

When we go away we literally just walk out.
When we come back we walk back in with fresh milk and bread.
It’s so EASY.
But every now and again I wish I could do some baking.
Or make toast without having to keep an eagle eye out to stop the stove burning it.
Or just have some silly frivolous kitchen item.

So here it comes; a moment of nesting lust.
If I were a grown up, with a “real” house....

We would be able to throw dinner parties, and be seated at a dining table.
Because we would A) have a dining room and B) own a table!

We could make toast without keeping an eye on it – because we would have a toaster.
Preferably a sexy one like this...

With an oven that works, I could bake and make kitsch cupcakes and personalised cookies.

I could have cute little oven mitts – like these ones which appealed to my orthopaedic passions.

And with cupboards that have more than 4 shelves I could own more than the cheapo flat grater.
This wee mouse doubles as a AWWWWW moment as well as a grater.

But the reality is that until I am literally pinned down by the weight of a foetus and can no longer leave the house, this is what the dream kitchen/house would look like.

So I think I will stick with our small yet perfectly formed apartment with my art crammed on the walls and not enough storage area.
I use everything here. No waste.

And after all, the bedroom is great ;)


  1. When I saw those toasters I was like *squeeeeeeeee* and then when I saw the oven mits I actually died! I don't even cook and I need those over mits in my life!

    Sometimes I would love a house. I've done apartment living and I found it really tough. Now I have a two bedroom flat which is nice enough. But I dream of having a house, but mainly I dream of having a fenced backyard. I'd get some puppies. All different sorts. And they'd all play in the yard and I'd throw them balls and they'd chase them and *wafts into dreamland*.

  2. I have a house with a yard for my kids, and yearn for the day when I can go back to living in a condominium. Houses = work, lots of work.

  3. OM(nonexistent)G...ur so 'girly'. That is so awesome. Well, i hope it happs.


  4. I want the toaster!!! I Have toaster space!!


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