Monday, April 4, 2011

Witty banter required…

Dear fabulous, witty people of the inter-web,

For those of you who were involved in “The Rock win a wife” battle you would have been aware that at the time a Facebook page was set up for supporters of our fight. Among the angst, arguments, exhaustion and frustration there was a strong line of humor and support.
I received this note on the blog yesterday…

“Hi there (big fan btw)

This is on a completely different topic. I'm a member of the Muse Feminist Magazine collective and we were keen to do a piece in an upcoming issue on that fantastic post which was on the fb 'stop the win a wife campaign' page about the top ten accusations at women, such as 'no sense of humor'. It then had a great selection of come-backs and we thought this would be a great piece to an article about.
Do you know how I could get my hands on (and permission) to use that part of the material as a basis?

Thanks! Karin”

I would love to say that all the amazing info on the Facebook page was from me, but it wasn’t.
It was the fantastic readers, writers and humanists who took the time to lighten the load.

If you contributed to this topic (or would like to now) and you would like your lines used in the aforementioned article please write your witty brilliance below.
Anything written in the comments section of this blog post is free to be used by Muse feminist magazine collective, and I am just facilitating a space for the two to meet.

So lay it on me… We want those (oft repeated) typical lines used to derail an argument with us “Angsty feminists” and the responses we use…
I can’t wait to enjoy!



  1. Congrats on getting some notoriety, even if you didn't do the writing. Organizing resistance to stupidity is an important job.

  2. "Why aren't you also protesting against [insert cause here]"

    Response: "Oh we are, you obviously don't move in those circles." or "Have you heard of this really cool new thing - it is called multi-tasking."

    "You're just a bunch of man-hating lesbians"
    My response was "really? My wife will be interested to hear that I hate men".

    Oh dear - I shouldn't do this so late.


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