Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We need your genius.

Someone I love very much had a long chat with me last night. (Online typing, since I’ve lost my voice!). Shall I give her an awesome-sauce nick-name?
How about Kick-ass? She wrestles better than any of the guys I know!
She is also one of the most vivacious, energetic, cheeky young women I have had the pleasure to know. (And I’m not just saying that because she will be reading this!)
This is sort of a lead-on from a post I wrote a while back, which was basically a letter in combination to my 15 year old self, my cousin, a friend with an eating disorder, and the idea was inspired by watching Kick-Ass play around with food on a visit we had.
At the time I didn’t know if there was anything going on or not. She called me and asked if the post was about her and I explained that I had been concerned about some stuff but it wasn’t only about her.
Yesterday she chose to open up that she had an eating disorder in the past.
This scared the hell out of me because I feel totally unqualified to be a proper mentor for this sort of thing. I’m the only person she has chosen to share this with.
From experience, the mental state of self hating and body dysmorphia sticks around for years longer than the actual “eating disorder behaviour". This is the HUGEST frustration for me; not least because of that Kick-Ass is actually stunningly beautiful and always has been captivating looking.
No-one should be wasting their youth, strength and fun years feeling less than perfect. No-one should struggle to see something they like in the mirror.
No-one should feel uncomfortable about gaining weight out of fear that people will not like/love/ find them as attractive as they used to.
Kick-Ass is brilliant and independent already and she has so much strength of will. She will be able to get herself back on track in a good relationship with her body; I just want to provide some resources to undo the message that has been banged into her by the main stream media.

So here is what I want.
She has been surrounded by teen media and all the drivel that goes along with that.

Give us some linky love to your favourite body/women positive you tube hits and blog posts.
Give us some words of wisdom that have helped you in your recovery and personal growth.
Give us some resources available in Australia for young people.
Give us your love and understanding.

So give it up ladies and gentlemen, lay it on us.
Much love,
Scuba Nurse and Kick-Ass.


  1. http://www.eatthedamncake.com/
    to start with

    best wishes you guys :)

  2. Thanks Teresa.
    Another site that I really fell in love with is http://starrlitlove.tumblr.com/
    I'm hoping she will pop by an say hi and give is some of her wisdom because that tumblr really captivated me.

  3. Thank you so much for posting the link to my tumblr. ♥

    I am a huge fan of this tumblr: http://stophatingyourbody.tumblr.com/

    It shows women of ALL shapes and sizes and encourages everyone (women AND men) to love their bodies, just as they are. We are all beautiful. There is no *ONE* type of beautiful. It comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and types. I encourage your friend and anyone who struggles with body image (myself included) to visit that site.

    Stay strong! ♥

  4. Hi! I am an eating disorder advocate, and I mentor people, but with regards to Australia - I am going to refer her to Melinda Hutchings since she is a professional mentor and advocate in Australia (and she is totally amazing, has written a wonderful book and is lovely) Her website:

    Another WONDERFUL blog and person who helps those in Australia is Julie Parker of Beautiful You blog (http://www.beautifulyoubyjulie.com/)

    As for wonderful blogs that strive to change the way we look at media, you can look at

    There are also SO many they have on all of those pages as resources so she could look at their recommendations.

    Aldo - I have a huge list of resources with ED resources on my own blog:

    And I also started a movement called #StopSelfHate (@StopSelfHate) and did a video about it & Aprils challenge being a self love letter :)
    April challenge:

    I hope this is a good start! :)

  5. Kick-Ass sounds amazing and gorgeous and wonderful. The messages that the media give us are SO DESTRUCTIVE. I see this first hand in working with girls all over NZ and it never ceases to upset me.

    The most inpsiring video I would recommend is a slam-poem called 'Sisterhood' by an incredible Australian woman Kate Wilson - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rK46nILY-rw. It moves me and makes my eyes prickly every time I watch it.


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