Thursday, February 10, 2011

Updates on Win a Wife.

In an exciting update Boganette NZ recieved a reply from Lufthansa German Airlines

Thank you for your email, and for drawing my attention to the topic of the Rock FM promotion. Firstly, I must ensure you that Lufthansa German Airlines does not support this promotion and have never been contacted by Rock FM at anytime with regards to any form of sponsorship.
I do not personally endorse the theme of this competition, and... have never engaged in any commercial relationship with Rock FM with regards flights on Lufthansa German Airlines. I was alerted last night by another member of the public that our name was associated with this promotion and mentioned in the terms and conditions. I can state that Lufthansa German Airlines is in no way a sponsor or supporter of the promotion, and I had all details connected to Lufthansa German Airlines removed from the website at 7pm last night.
I am told that Rock FM have asked their travel agent to source the applicable airfares to the mentioned destination, and Lufthansa has been provided by the agent as the most economical airline ticket. As you will be aware, Rock FM as a commercial business have the rights to purchase airline tickets from a travel agent for any scheduled services, and I am advised by Rock FM that this has been the means of sourcing the airline ticket, without notification to Lufthansa.
I am legally advised that I am unable to restrict them from purchasing airline tickets from a travel agent.
Please be assured, that we do not support this promotion and as a responsible airline of choice, would not enter into an area of sponsorship that does not comply with our company values. I would ask that you please direct any feedback directly to Rock FM who are the only company connected to this promotion and who will confirm to you that Lufthansa German Airlines is not a sponsor of this promotion.
I trust this will satisfy you that Lufthansa German Airlines has certainly not endorsed this action, and hope that your opinion of our company and travel services has not changed, as the information was not correct concerning comments directed at our airline.

Kind Regards,
Anton Musin

Sales and Marketing Manager
New Zealand and Pacific Islands
Lufthansa German Airlines Swiss International Air Lines Austrian Airlines
Level 10, 36 Kitchener Street
P.O. Box 1427
Auckland, New Zealand
Phone: +64 9 303 5332
Mobile: +64 21 749 611
Fax: +64 9 377 2766
E-Mail: anton.musin@dlh.deSee more

A letter from Harvey Norman.

Thanks for your email. Although Harvey Norman is an advertiser on The Rock we are not involved with, nor do we support, the Win a Wife competition in any way.


Andrea Robinson

Administration Assistant
Harvey Norman Head Office


Sian has kindly allowed me to post her letter that she has sent out to mediaworks etc today. I have removed the last name for security although she allowed me to use her full name. I have had harrassing emails and dont want her exposed to that rubbish.
Thanks Sian for your support.

Dear all,

I just wanted to share my feelings regarding your "win a wife"
competition. This competition was obviously conceived with little thought
for these women, who find themselves in such difficult circumstances that
they are required to sell themselves as "wives" to men they don't know. By
conducting this competition, the rock is supporting this industry. And
frankly this industry is not far off human trafficking.

Consider how you would feel about this situation, if your sister,
daughter, or other female relative was one of these so called "wives". It
may appear that these woman have chosen to place themselves in this
situation, and therefore it is ok, but unfortunately it is not. It is more
than likely that these women have somehow been forced into this situation.
They may have no other way of supporting themselves. They may have no
family, and no job opportunities. They may be desperate to escape
difficult circumstances in their home country.

Also consider what kind of relationships they will have with a man who has
essentially "purchased" them. I highly doubt these relationships will be
successful. It is more than likely that these women will be taken further
advantage of. I can't understand what kind of man would want to start a
relationship like this. I highly doubt it will be the kind of man who
respects women, and fosters equality.

Kind Regards,


Sian recieved a response from the Rock - interesting that they havent responded to any of the "published feminazi" emails.
I cannot WAIT to see a response that Sian alluded to being "tounge in cheek" and from her partner.

Hi Sian,

Thank you for your email. Since you are obviously not a Rock listener and
probably haven't had time to listen to our radio station to hear the tone
behind this competition, I'd like to explain it to you further.

The Rock is a nationwide radio station targeting a predominately male
audience. The brand ethos for The Rock is: 'not to take life too
seriously'. We aim to create irreverent promotions and content that
sometimes may push the boundaries. As you may appreciate what may be deemed
acceptable for some, may not be for others. Our latest promotion 'Win A
Wife' is very much a tongue in cheek example of this.

We are giving away the chance for a New Zealand listener to travel to the
Ukraine in the hope of finding a connection with a female they have been
suitably matched up through an international match matching dating service.
The overall prize is trip to the Ukraine along with the opportunity to meet
the best suited candidate. The Rock's involvement ends here.

If the couple form a connection, fall in love and at a later date decide to
get married, that is great! The title of the promotion "Win a Wife'
is very much an irreverent spin on what essentially is a radio version of a
dating service.

We appreciate your comments and hope this clears up the mis-leading media
portrayal of the competition.

Kind regards,

965 220


Dear Kristy,

Thank you for your email. Since you obviously don't know much about me,
and only have time to make patronising assumptions, I'd like to explain it
to you further.

I am a young woman, in my early 20's. I work on the other side of Auckland
to where I live, and so listen to the radio everyday while I drive. You
may be surprised that until yesterday I often listened to the Rock. I
actually first heard about the competition on the radio. I would like to
take this chance to apologise for listening to the Rock, I now realise
that being female the Rock is not intended for me. Oops, my bad, I thought
the Rock was aimed at people who like rock music! I suppose I should now
begin listening to a station that caters to my feminine needs.

Anyway, my personal brand ethos is: 'attempt to make the world a better
place'. I know its a bit happy clappy, but its the way I roll (but not
rock!). I am actually all for tongue in cheek, but when real people are
being marginalised, its time to come up with a new gimic.

If you are, as you say, giving a Rock listener the chance to travel to the
Ukraine to go on a date, then you should market the competition as such.
Because marketing women as a commodity is not a joke, no matter how well
it fits with your brand ethos.

I appreciate your comments and hope this clears up the misleading
mediaworks portrayal of myself.

Kind Regards,


p.s. my panties are in a twist and it is giving me a wedgie.


Nick's reply can be found HERE and is well worth the read - I got cornflakes up my nose reading it over breakfast.

BAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh Sian and Nick have just made my day - comedy gold!!!
GrabOne distance themselves from the promotion.
Jen Corbett said...
Hi there,
GrabOne has absolutely no association with this promotion.

But they continue to advertise on the edge website, supporting the radiostation with their advertising dollars.

ASB has absolutely no association with the above mentioned promotion, nor is our media targeted to support the promotion.
James Townend

As of Friday Feb 11th, I have not seen any ads for ASB on the Rock website.
You are my HEROS!!!
I am opening a savings account with you!!

An email is recieved from Nataliya Poshyvaylo-Towler the Chairwomen of the Ukrainian Association of New Zealand

"Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We are in the process of logging an official complaint with radio Rock regarding this shameful promotion stunt .
Kind regards,
Nataliya Poshyvaylo-Towler
Ukrainian Association of New Zealand"

As pointed out by Camilla, there is also the Broadcasting Standards Authority.
They stated that no complaints had been made yet.
this is because You can refer your complaint to the BSA if:

•You made a formal complaint to the broadcaster, and you have received a decision from the broadcaster; or
•It has been more than 20 working days since you lodged your complaint, and you have not received a decision from the broadcaster.

It hasnt been 20 days yet and we havent heard from the broadcaster yet.
So them not having any complaints means stuff all.

Our voices are making a difference, and momentum is gaining.
Please keep up the good work, and I will update this as things happen.
To support via Facebook go to:


  1. Infrekkincredible. Keep up the awesome work. Just checking in now andi can't believe it.


  2. Hey, Scuba Nurse, you're not alone. I'm "treeclimber" who commented (under anon, but signed in the post) in your WTF post about adding Lufthansa. I've written to three advertisers, and to Rock FM and mediaworks. So far, no replies other than acknowledgment from Lufthansa. I'll certainly pass along anything I get. But saw your comment over on THM and wanted to say thanks for all your work and, as I said, you're not alone! signed: treeclimber.

  3. Thanks so so so much. Your info, support and feedback has been really important to me. I really appreciate it.
    *big hugs*

  4. Just wanted to say you have my utmost admiration. Incredible work. I have only just now had the chance to write to the advertisers and to the radio station.

    But I have also spread the word at my workplace encouraging my colleagues to do something.

    One of my workmates has a feminist husband. I couldn't remember your blog name so as I was leaving this evening I asked her to Google your name to find the blog so she and her husband could use your fantastic resources.

    and thank you for the updates.

  5. Great stuff! Keep up the good work.

    I think we should also focus on ANY advertiser with The Rock. Just because they're not sponsoring THAT stunt it doesn't mean they're not involved. I know some advertisers have distanced themselves but that's not enough. They should pull their ads from The Rock website or else they're still condoning the stunt.

    So sorry GrabOne and ASB - you're not off the hook. Until you pull your ads from the site, and off the station completely I will be boycotting. I don't bank with ASB but I've bought heaps of vouchers on GrabOne. That will stop now.

  6. Awesome work Scuba!!! Everyone who wants to support - PLEASE join our Facebook group -

  7. I think it's great that Lufthansa have said they don't support it, but sad that they can't revoke the tickets. Wonder why - too much effort/legalities/money to fight it?

  8. Thanks for all the support peeps.
    Amanda, good question but there is no morality to flying...
    People fly to a place to do bad things all the time. Customs is where they get stopped, the airlines just provide the transport

  9. From: Treeclimber: Just checking in. Great progress. Excellent news about Lufthansa (I personally haven't heard from them, though wrote yesterday). And good to see an FB page up. BTW, I also wrote to Unitec pointing out how sad it was that their promotion featuring positive images of a young woman following her dream to become an architect was running on a page where women were essentially being treated as (a) nut-jobs and/or (b) commodities. Sadly, what's new. Thanks again for spearheading ScubaN.

  10. Hi Scubanurse

    Good stuff on the win-a-wife competition. Unitec also have a prominent advertisement on The Rock website, suggest people might like to remind them how inappropriate that is. They have handy-click throughs to their CE and their ad and media people....
    We have to prevent this tide of laddishness from drowning us out.

  11. I also have laid a formal complaint with MediaWorks, and also suggested that, unless TV3 publicly distance themselves from this campaign (with their Almighty Johnsons banner ads) they too will be regarded as being complicit.

    I've even done the same thing to the Australian tourism Googlead on the same page.

    Fantastic work. And thanks - joining the FB group as soon as I get home (can't do it from work).

  12. Great work Scuba Nurse! Totally support what you're doing here - this so-called competition is just disgusting.

    Have just joined the Facebook page now, and told my friends to join it too. I must add that I'm rather impressed with ASB's reaction.

  13. Hi all,

    Just thought you'd like to know that I heard back very promptly from Frank Püttmann of the Singapore office of Lufthansa, following my complaint sent last night. He said much the same as Anton Musin (i.e. they'd never heard of the competition and under their company principles, wouldn't support such a thing). I wrote back to thank him for his quick response and to let him know that the NZ branch had already acted.

    I'm really impressed by their response, I must say. Also, I'm really impressed by everyone involved in protesting this. You all rock!


  14. Hi ScubaNurse, thanks for all the work you've done on this cause and keeping the momentum going! I have joined the Facebook page, emailed Unitec and am working on an email to The Rock (trying to take in consideration to responses that people have posted).
    Let's keep up the good work!

  15. Sorry Scube - don't have access to FB at work.

    Just got an email from FB saying my profile pic has been removed due to breach of copyright. Hope you're not getting any legal issues arising from this.


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